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James is staring in a new romantic comedy, and she needs your help to get wide distribution.

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James made a cameo in the film Left Behind: The Movie.

Her second novel, Sarah's Choice, an adaptation of the 2009 film of the same name in which St.

At one point, Catholic funerals were required to enter from the rear while Protestant funerals entered from the front. This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! , age: 61 yr, h/o Mary, Tolka View Tce, Finglas, [FC] Christie, James, d.

This cemetery is now under the care of Dublin City Council, and is only in use for families who have burial rights in it. The records below were provided by contributors to

If you see a city near you on this list, you can preorder tickets for A Strange Brand of Happiness right now.

, age: 25 yr, [FC] Boshell, Cristy, d 1735, [FC] Boshell, James, d. , age: 60 yr, w/o Patrick, [FC] Brady, Catherine, no dates, w/o Frank, [FC] Brady, Elizabeth, d. , age: 40 yr, dil/o Patrick & Anne, [FC] Brady, Francis, no dates, s/o Frank & Catherine, [FC] Brady, Frank, no dates, h/o Catherine, Finglas Bridge, [FC] Brady, James, d. , age: 67 yr, w/o Patrick, [FC] Carolan, Charlotte, no dates, died young, d/o Patrick & Charlotte, [FC] Carolan, John, d. , age: 76 yr, h/o Rose, [FC] Brady, Thomas, no dates, s/o Frank & Catherine, [FC] Burke, Mary, d. , age: 7 yr, d/o John J & Bridget, [FC] Byrne, Bridget, d. , age: 50 yr, Finglas Bridge, [FC] Carolan, Charlotte, d. 1931, d/o John & Catherine, [FC] Corrigan, John, d. Plus you get free bonus gifts for pre-ordering, and the tickets are cheaper when you pre-order them.After losing his job, David’s roommate pushes him to hire a life coach named Joyce (Rebecca St. David agrees to hire Joyce partially because he wants to find himself, but mainly because he thinks Joyce is pretty.

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