Rick hartzell faculty dating students

In November 2002 the band had made the decision to break up due to creative differences and the members had wanted different things out of their musical careers.

They needed a bass guitarist and drummer, and soon recruited early members Allan Adams and Bryce Dudka. Before long, Adams and Dudka had left the band and members.

The integrity of the University's educational mission is promoted by professionalism that derives from mutual trust and respect in instructor-student relationships.

Similarly, the University is committed to the principle of protecting the integrity and objectivity of its staff members in the performance of their University duties.

They look forward to continuing their efforts this year, building and extending previous efforts, to better the graduate student experience.

Members pictured (left to right): Sophie Kay (Chair), Emily Lustig (Vice Chair), Carolyn Hartzell (Faculty Rep Co-Chair), Brittany Noah (Secretary), David Martinez (Faculty Rep Co-Chair), Kate Kidwell (First-year Co-Chair), Cass Bentivegna (First-year Co-Chair), Gina Bufton (Social Chair), and Kathryn Narciso (First-year Mentor Chair).

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