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Already, similar pressure is being brought to bear over this new documentary.Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul, who campaigns for women’s rights in a country where women are not even allowed to drive — and who was jailed and treated as a terrorist after posting an online video of herself driving a car — has received death threats after taking part in the film.The earth TV camera is located in the charming, historic city center and captures the mythical Masmak Fort, which was once the royal residence of the famous Al-Saud family.It now houses a museum of the history of the state.‘So, oh Allah, stop them and spill on them the whip of torture, don’t let their flag fly high, and make an example of them.’The film reveals how hatred is directed at other religions in Saudi schools.One of the secret cameramen asks a 14-year-old Saudi boy what he is taught at school.

Do you operate a live video streaming webcam in Saudi Arabia?Where once walled gardens stood in the midst of deserts, today the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its 4.6 million inhabitants flourishes: Riyadh, "the gardens".Here a thriving metropolis has grown with the economy where traditional architecture blends harmoniously with modern highrises.Back comes the reply: ‘The Christians should be punished with death until there are none left.They should be beheaded.’The film includes rare footage of desperate Shia in the east of Saudi Arabia bravely protesting against their oppression.

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