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You can follow her sweet adventures and dive into the fun and beauty that is Spanish culture at Ninas Sweet

I can’t imagine my life without my close people, interesting work, and sport. more about Snejana from Nikopol My friends say that all my feelings are written on my face and they can see everything in my eyes.

When it comes to arguments, patience is always key, but even more so when you don’t share the same native language. The Spanish like to see where life takes them; they don’t limit what could happen on any given day by making strict plans.

Ask them Wednesday or Thursday what they are doing on the weekend and they typically respond with, “” (“We’ll see”). Well, in mine in particular it was a bit difficult for us to overcome this huge difference between our expectations at first.

I was surprised at how soon he asked, but it was clearly very important to him.

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But I’ve also learned that it’s OK to say that you don’t understand and ask them to re-phrase what they’re saying, and that’s especially the case when you’re arguing because misunderstandings can make things worse.Related to family, the majority of Spanish guys still live at home.With an unemployment rate of 45 percent, this is understandable.But overall, being with my Spaniard has helped me to truly adapt to About Nina Lee Nina Lee is a New York native currently exploring Madrid from the inside.She enjoys stuffing her face with jamon and chocolate pastries as she continues on her journey of living, loving and traveling more intentionally.

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