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Sii), offered a resolution directing the committee of Eevolutionary Claims to examine and report on their validity, which resolution he aikrwnrds modified by substituting a select committee for that on Iv.^volutionury Claims. Hall, and was sharply replied to by him, in which his attacks were effectually repelled. 1 The orif;ina I settlers of Wren- I tham removed tliither from the original Dedham settlement ; so that the mention of their names first on the Dedham tov/n records, and later on those of Wrentham, shows an actual change of habitat. His name stands second iu point of wealth on the tax list. Pie not only made a further exposure of the claims, but siioued that Mr. On* the otlier hand those families who are recorded first in Dedham and then in Needliara or Walpole ; or first in Wrentham and then in Foxboro' or Franklin, simply changed their legal residence owing : to the incorporation of a new town, but in most cases resided where they had always lived. His will, made February 25, 1698, was proved i SIay 11, 1699. • Although grant pains have been taken to secure the correctness of the data in the fol- lowing pr.per, ir. Abbey of Churii, note, 414 Abstracts of \Vi;is and Deeila. note, 413 SI'hl i N ''j K)d Indians, note, 2TS Jlerii. Clapp, 223 CMivtr Rich'irdson Clarke, 326 William Smith Clark, 325 Charle? Index of Names of Persons at the end of the Volume. Bent, 323 Edward Eaton Bowen, 223 Sidney Brocks, 424 Nah ira Capen, 324 Saniu-'l Trowbridgo Chamnney, 421 Oti?

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Jonathan Hunt, and took his seat on the 21st of that month, during tlie extraordina- ry excitement growing out of Mr. 231 Francis Walker Bacon, 422 Henry Ward Beecher, 227 Samuel T. (See Hecrotagy ) Memoirs — Charles Adams, 549 Hiland Hall, 9 Frederic Kidder, 129 Slanning Leonard, 249 Missing Records, query, 313 Morse, Elijah, note, 264 Necrology of the New England Historic Gener^ligi- cal Society — Chester Alan Arthu'. 152 Srtoner, Arthur '1337), 59 Stvie, Sfimuel (1665), 259 E Vines, Mary (i:53), 6;i Warl, John(15S8), 175 V aters, Thomas (1614), 59 West, John ao91). , Francis (1691), 207 Winthrop, Stephen, 262 Wiseman, Richard (1617), 173 We'rh and Bvown, queries, 220 Wells, Ma., early seule-s or", o.uery, 97 Weptworth, n.ite, 36 Weston Genealogy. Ezekiel (1631), 60 Lincoln, Abraham (1737), l.-o Lincoln. (1744), 33 Ware, Beriah (IJD.i), 34 W.-ire, Ebenezer (1734), 23 Ware, Eleazer il'.'i O), T/2 Ware, Jonathan (1740), 38 Ware, John (1715), 23 Ware, Nathaniel (1767), 33 Ware, Robert ri6&s), 23 : (1724), 27 Ware, Samuel (17o0-l). Both were exemplary members of the Baptist Church, of which he was a deacon, and were respected and esteemed members of society. lie would generally feel better and soon tccovct, without taking a dose, so as to make his scanty toilet, and go to hear the sermons of at least an hour or more in length, which were preached twice on the Sabbath. Hall became interested in politics at an early age, favoring the republican in opposition to the federal party. 61 Ray, John (l OCO), 174 Reunire, Paul ue (1627), f," R.-igers, Dor.'thy Mul O), 174 Rogers, E.',ekiel (1061) , 178 Rogers, John (1630), 164 ; (1601), Ifi R ; (lai SI, 174 Rigers, Margaret (1065), 181 Rogers, Richdrd (1C13), lo-j Rogers, Thomas (1625), 163 Ryeoe, Robert (). His f\ither was a quiet, industrious farmer, coming to reside in Bennington in 1779, and marrying at Xorfolic, Ct., October 12, 179-1, die mother, who ever proved a worthy and efficient iielp-

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