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The second and most dramatic boom resulted from the Klondike Gold Rush, which ended the depression that had begun with the Panic of 1893.Portland docked with its famed "ton of gold", and Seattle became the main transport and supply point for the miners in Alaska and the Yukon.Us Weekly is also reporting that former Bachelor contestant Holly Durst is engaged to Michael Stagliano, a contestant on the Bachelorette season of Jillian Harris.De Anna and Holly both met their fiances (the twins) at a party for 2009’s .With work projects close to the city, Hooverville grew and the WPA settled into the city.Seattle achieved sufficient economic success that when the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 destroyed the central business district, a far grander city-center rapidly emerged in its place.

The Great Depression in Seattle affected many minority groups, one being the Asian Pacific Americans; they were subject to racism, loss of property, and failed claims of unemployment due to citizenship status.Former Bachelorette star Deanna Pappas is once again engaged according to Us Weekly.De Anna, 28, confirms to the magazine that she is indeed engaged to Stephen Stagliano, who just happens to be the twin brother of former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano. How can I send the saved emails from my personal folder as a zip file and send Your help will be greatly appreciated. You'd have to save it as a file, zip the file, attach it to an e-mail and send that e-mail. I don't want to save each email on my computer it is already saved on my outlook in a personal folder.

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