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Unfortunately, if a cute guy even LOOKS in her direction, she's bound to do something entirely embarrassing!

Caitlin is better equipped to shop at the mall than she is to work at it.

They'll take you shoppin' Or hang out just like this Oh, yeah!! He sees house parties and making out in the movie theatre as strictly "for the cretins." He'd much rather do something cultural. He knows his day will come in a few years, when he's in college he'll be the man. Wyatt's more well read than his pals, and since he's the 'smart' one, he should know better than to get involved in Jonesy's schemes. She hates everything about "The Clones", the girls she works with at the Khaki Barn who look alike, dress alike and talk alike—but most of all she hates that she's stuck working with them.

But, unfortunately, he's easily talked into anything Jonesy proposes because deep down he totally admires him. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything sold at The Khaki Barn, and she's not easily sucked into trends.

He is also acrophobic (scared of heights) as shown in The Swami episode. Due to corporate brainwashing, she briefly started acting like the Clones after being declared Employee of the Month, but promptly reverted to her former self with the help of her friends. She's quick to offer tips to her pals..when they don't ask for them.

One person who does look up to Jen and takes her advice very seriously is Caitlin, who just happens to be training to fill Jen's old gig at The Big Squeeze.

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He's always positive and mellow and his laid-back attitude is totally contagious, the perfect combo of cool, sweet and strangely confident.He's a popular, pathologically confident, good-looking guy who gets invited to all the parties and who's probably going peak in High School.But for someone who's so totally into chasing girls he's got a pretty low success rate with the ladies.While speaking to people, Jude usually addresses them as "dude" or "bro" in reference to males, and "dudette" or "bra" in reference to females or calling everyone as a whole "dudes". Jobs: Spin This (Country Music Section), Underground Video and Burger Mc Flipsters Interests: Singing, songwriting, playing guitar, poetry the Mighty Weasels, the Jumping Snails (their lyrics are genius!) Favorite Quotations: "A song I wrote: My friends will always be around If they sold coolness by the pound They'd all be stinkin' rich Stayin' at Ritz Guaranteed to get you hoppin' Need some clothes? No."Nikki's a total original with a punk rock edge.

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