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"If this was not the first time, then, based on our checks, we may consider the issue of depriving the parents of their parental rights." Cops said they could face criminal charges with a possible jail sentence.

The pair are also said to have a six-year-old nephew who is often seen in family pictures.

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DEPRAVED Russian parents filmed themselves having sex in front of their three-year-old daughter.

As the couple begin the crude display their child stands in the doorway, just a few feet away, watching everything, before she starts crying. Doctor's and psychologists are working with her.

After they finished the distressed little girl can be heard saying: "Tomorrow my granny Polina will be here and I will tell her everything." Her foul-mouthed dad Nikolay replied: "I don't give a f***." Mikhail Krupin, from Russia's children's ombudsman in Yaroslavl, said health officials are working to discover if this was a one-off. Psychologists will find out whether this was a single case or similar things happened more than once.

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