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Most guys leave this to chance; they rely on luck or hope.

He’s known his girlfriend for three months and he’s going to ask her to marry him tomorrow.

” This is a fantastic opener that leads straight into relationship talk and has a lot of drama built in.

What kind of present should I get for my friend’s girlfriend? My best friend had to rush away on business—he’s got the biggest business deal of his life going—and he’s asked me a massive favor.

You can pick a few from below, modify them to fit you better, and later make up your own. A couple of solid, tried-and-tested openers are enough. This opener involves approaching a woman, pointing to a guy you (supposedly) think is “perfect” for her, and trying to take her over to meet him.

Invariably she’ll refuse, and then you can say how she should trust you because you’re a great matchmaker.

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