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It’s always been a place that we have put a lot of time and energy into.We ended up having seven or eight songs that ended up being placed in the tv show .Telling those stories and writing great songs, that is ultimately the most important thing to us. AE: Absolutely not, as a fan as well, you have always been on the cutting edge of all of that anyway. We could make something that’s accessible again or make something that’s accessible at the right time, you know. It felt really special to make a record like this that has really allowed us to do so many awesome things.TQ: I think we’ve always been very good at figuring out what is cool, at the same time that we are doing what we do—but sometimes we don’t. What we are making and music that we are interested in right now just happens to be accessible. It’s really opened a lot of doors and I feel that it’s a great time to be opening doors like that for people.Their 2013 album, that after working with several producers and songwriters – including Jack Antonoff, Rob Cavallo and Mike Elizondo, among others – they realized they had invited too many cooks into the kitchen. Together, the Quins and Kurstin crafted strong, thoughtful, catchy songs like "Boyfriend," "100x" and "U-Turn," all of which explore various forms of relationships, from romantic ones to their own sibling dynamic. We really need someone who can dig through all of that and pick the strongest parts and elevate them. With this whole record, I was looking into who I am as a person. He might ask us to play something in a different key or faster. Your first single is "Boyfriend." How did he help you with that one? It really started 12 or 13 years ago, when I moved up to Montreal. A lot of this album is thinking about that time: who I was, what it really meant to be on my own, the insecurity that came with it. Am I a freak of nature now because I'd just spent 17 years touring? " There's definitely a lot of time to think about it when you're not hurtling down the highway from one city to the next, playing shows and doing meet-and-greets. We've been working with our art director for over 10 years and I have always been sending images back and forth of things that inspired us.

As individuals we changed, the business changed, the way we make music as changed, the way we record music has changed.That was defiantly a sign that the pop scene has changed and a lot of pop culture places were really going to open up their arms to us, which was really exciting.As musicians who didn’t get radio play for most of their career, we recognized how important placement in television and film was.AE: Well that is along the same lines as my next question.Your latest album , that was a really big deal when that happened.

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