Updating facebook status from phone

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While ambient audio is definitely being recorded, they’re not storing exactly what the microphone picks up.

The new feature works just like Shazam does: it tries to match an audio fingerprint from your environment with one in its database.

The goal is to figure out if you’re listening to particular song or watching a TV show like .

The other reason you shouldn’t panic is that this feature is totally optional for now.

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I'm a bit confused about facebook updates and messages. I use the facebook application that I downloaded for my phone.

What I am wondering is: when I comment on someone's status, or update my own facebook status, is this counted as a text message against my 200 message allowance plan?

You may have suspected something was up if you pay attention to the permission notes that pop up when Google Play informs you that your apps need an update.

The Facebook app now says it needs permission to access your microphone — along with pretty much everything else an Android app can be granted permission to access. Facebook says they’re respecting your privacy while they do this.

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