Updating google sitemap

Since these tag overview pages contain “thin content”, it’s not valuable to show them to the visitors yet.

It’s, therefore, better to leave the tag’s URLs out of the XML sitemap for now.

This categorization makes a site structure as clear as possible.

If you click on one of the index XML sitemaps, you’ll see all URLs in that specific sitemap.

Since your images are probably used within your pages and posts, the images are already included in your ‘post’ sitemap or your ‘page’ sitemap.

Adding a separate ‘media’ or ‘image’ XML sitemap would be redundant.

We’ve set the limit to 1.000 URLs If we look at Google’s documentation, they say that XML sitemaps are beneficial for “really large websites”, for “websites with large archives”, for “new websites with just a few external links to it” and for “websites which use rich media content”.

How do you decide which pages you need to include in your XML sitemap?So it’s a good idea to create an XML sitemap right away.The owner has created some describing categories for the first posts and he has written the first posts. However, he doesn’t have enough content yet to fill the tag overview pages with.Leaving it out of your XML sitemap doesn’t mean Google won’t index the URL.If Google can find it by following links, Google can index the URL. The owner wants Google to find new URLs of the blog fast to make sure his target group can find his blog in Google.

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