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When it comes to protecting your family, pets and possessions, reliability and a reputable name stand out as critical features.There are several smart home products in this category that look impressive and can even speak to you with a friendly voice, but for a capability this important, we favored devices that were trouble-free and inexpensive enough to allow purchasing several for your home.Check with you insurance company to find out if they offer discounts or credits for installing leak detection devices.Criteria for the top pick in this category includes corded sensor prongs and a built-in audible detection alert.Program your outside lights to turn on and off while you’re away to give the appearance that you are home.Turn your porch lights on before heading home after dark.

For a review of additional smart smoke detectors, see Darwin’s Den Smart Smoke Alarm round-up Although not as devastating as a fire, a burst water heater or kitchen pipe can cause a fair amount of damage to your flooring, walls, and furnishings.It is not uncommon for a Smart Things community member to have a device handler available in less than a week after a new Z-Wave or Zigbee device hits the market, ensuring there will be a large number of new Smart Things compatible devices for years to come.For simple device and schedule interactions, the base Smart Things Smart App capabilities will suffice for many users.Criteria for a top rated home automation controller during this epic battle of standards includes: 1) multiple network support, including Z-Wave and Zigbee, 2) ability to operate basic automations standalone without an internet connection 3) IFTT (if this then that) support 4) no monthly fees, and 5) an available and well-documented developer API.For a description of the protocols and terms referenced here, see the The reasonable price of the Smart Things Hub, multiple protocol support, IFTTT integration, Amazon Echo support, and increasing level of local control capabilities make this a prime contender in the home automation controller market.

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