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The following types of changes appear in the Approval Center in Project Web App: Project team members use the timesheet that is available in Project Web App to report changes to their assignments.

Project managers automatically receive a notification when changes are submitted by team members assigned to tasks in projects that they manage.

Details about the task update — such as the resource who submitted the update or comments — are displayed on this page.

Clicking a task on this page displays additional task details about the update.

For example, if your organization has a weekly timesheet cycle, you should plan to process all timesheet and task changes at least once per week, after all team members submit their status, but before the end of the weekly timesheet cycle.

This helps to ensure that the correct data is submitted and accepted/rejected and also helps to prevent the publication of incorrect data as a result of updates.

Project managers can choose to accept or reject each task change.

Changes submitted by team members do not affect projects until they are published; only approved task changes are applied to projects that are published to the Project Server database and only approved task updates appear in projects as reported actual work.

It also describes how project managers review task updates that are submitted for approval.The Approval Center page in Project Web App enables you to review changes to project tasks and working times that team members submit by using the Tasks and Timesheet pages.You can use the Approval Center in Project Web App to review changes to project tasks and resource working times, and to update projects with the latest information.If you know that team members have changed tasks, added new tasks, delegated tasks, or declined tasks, but the submitted changes are not available in the Approval Center, your team members might not have actually submitted their changes.Before you accept or reject task changes from project team members, it is important to be aware of your organization’s timesheet processing cycle.

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