Ways of accommodating the physically challenged

People with communication difficulties are often thought to be far less able than they really are.

It is important to avoid making quick judgments about these students to ensure that automatic assumptions are not being made concerning a student’s intelligence and ability if their speech is very slow, slurred, or if they are non-verbal.

Start your exterior assessment at the curb — is your address easily visible from the street? It’s important that emergency personnel can find your house quickly when summoned, so consider all conditions they may be met with throughout the year.

Individual accommodation letters are provided to students to deliver to their faculty members that outline the accommodations approved for that student by SSD.

The following list contains suggested instructional tips in addition to possible approved accommodations.

Physical disability may have an impact on some or all activities to a greater or lesser extent.

Students with physical disabilities may have problems related to movement, posture (e.g., sitting, standing), grasping or manipulating objects, communication, eating, perception, reflex movements, and/or automatic motricity (e.g., sphincter, intestinal muscles).

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