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Donating won't get you anything special, other than a warm feeling inside, and possibly urge me to produce more freely available material for Webcam Capture project.

You can donate via Pay Pal, just click donate button available below - it will redirect you to the secured Pay Pal page where you can provide donation amount (there is no minimal value).

build on top of well-known frameworks used to work with multimedia and cameras. By default (if other driver is not specified) library uses default driver which consists of small, refined part of awesome Open IMAJ framework wrapped in thread-safe container.

However, there are more ready-to-use drivers which can be used as a replacement or addition to the default one.

Please visit this link if you don't know how to contribute to other's code at Github.

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If you've found a bug or you've came-up with some fantastic feature which can make Webcam Capture a better API to use, don't hesitate to create new issue where you can describe in details what the problem is, or what would you like to improve.

Please help and test on those systems if you have such possibility.

If you know Java or C you can help developing Webcam Capture by forking repository and sending pull requests.

This capture driver gives possibility to use GStreamer to access UVC camera devices connected to computer. Maven dependency: More details on how to use, how to install GStreamer and where binaries can be downloaded, can be found on dedicated webcam-capture-driver-gstreamer page.

This capture driver gives possibility to use Open IMAJ to access UVC camera devices connected to the computer.

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