Who is chesney hawkes dating

'I was silver-white by the time I was 35, but having grey hair makes me look washed out.

My wife and son have both said that grey hair doesn't suit me because I have a boyish face.

'I don't think I was going through an unhappy period or a crisis as such - it's just the way the disease has evolved in me.

Now I've stopped drinking completely and I go to meetings.

'I've been in recovery for about a year as I don't want alcohol to ruin my life, my family's life or my professional work ethic.' As he makes this admission, David seems visibly to relax and appear, well, unburdened. he was candid about his use of drugs, having experimented as a teenager with everything from LSD to heroin.

My mum looked 30 when she was 60, so I guess I owe it all to genes and hair dye.

It was a problem when I was 18 and looked about 12 but it's probably working to my advantage now.' He is gearing up for a mini-tour of the UK this month, and this may be his last here.

'It's just become so hard for me to leave home and perform abroad, what with all the financial considerations, that I've been giving it some thought,' he says.

But if all that seemed reminiscent of similarly hysteria-laden tableaux, well, that's because they were: Zac's dreamy eyes framed by long lashes, the swoony smile, the non-threatening male prettiness...

we saw it all before when the young star of The Partridge Family became a pop star and went global with hits like Could It Be Forever and I Think I Love You.

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