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(Who did not bite me.) A post shared by Romi Dames (@romidames) on Then: Drew played Jesse, another one of Miley's love interest in latter seasons of the show.Jesse is in Hannah Montana's band and Miley originally pretends to be interested in him to make her dad like Jake more. episodes — a friend to Miley, but an enemy to Hannah, which I guess makes her a frenemy overall?It's hard to imagine a time before Miley Cyrus wore nipple pasties and gyrated on a foam finger, but the world was once a much simpler, family-friendly Disney Channel place.

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She focuses now mostly on her music, which is a lot less tween angst and more, well, adult angst. She shares Instagram selfies of herself with zit cream on, which Hannah would Then: Billy Ray snagged the role as Robby Ray Stewart (a big stretch with the name), Miley's father.Apparently, shortly after Hannah and Jake kissed for the first time, Disney Channel introduced a show rule that programs can't linger on a kiss for too long.That's why when Lilly and Oliver started dating and kissing on the show, you'd only see the end of their kisses or people would walk by and block the shot.Moises has worked on multiple blockbusters, most notably Then: Anna Maria played Ashley Dewitt, one of the mean girls at Miley's school.Ashley and her best friend Amber Addison (see below) are rivals of Miley and Lilly's, despite being huge Hannah Montana fans. My @lifetimetv movie #Mega Church Murder This movie will always be so close to my heart.

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