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Carbon dating performed on the shaman's bones gave an age of around 18000 BCE.SCP-107 proved resistant to all attempts to obtain a sample, and therefore no concrete origin date can be determined.Experimentation with SCP-107 is to be carried out at Research Area-06, a 484 km (22 x 22 km) area of desolate land in █████████ dedicated to this purpose.Anyone who attempts to activate SCP-107 outside of an approved experiment must be eliminated with any force necessary.Addendum 107-1: SCP-107 was discovered by an archaeologist, Prof.

The duration and intensity appears proportional to the amount of liquid placed in the shell.

Further procedure: A sample of the rain was collected, and used to water various other plants outside of the test site. Input: 55 ml standard tap water Result: Torrential rainfall over test site for two days, and an effect on the grass similar to that of the first test.

Fruit-bearing plants grown in the soil at the test site grew very quickly, and bore much larger fruit than control plants.

Item #: SCP-107 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-107 poses no immediate threat, so long as it does not come into contact with any liquid.

As such, it is stored at Site-19 in a five (5) metre square containment cell, on a one (1) metre high pedestal, inside a clear perspex container.

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