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We get around fifty new cases per week, only a small percentage of these cases ever make it here.If we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person embellished or faked service, they won’t be posted here.Our viewer commitment also sets out how we will use your personal information in a transparent manner and make sure that you are always comfortable with what we are doing in this regard.Links from other sites Third parties are permitted to link to stories within the Website, using the URL and quoting the headline and the source website.You also agree to abide by all copyright notices and restrictions attached to the Content and not to remove any such notice or restriction, or alter the Content in any way.If you wish to re-publish, re-distribute or exploit the Content in any way you should address a request for permission to uk Syndication using the below details: What should I know about being a registered user?This may be because, for example, we consider that you have breached or will breach these Terms or our community guidelines or someone has reported abuse.Where we suspend, terminate or prevent your registration, you must not attempt to re-register or submit content (e.g.

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