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So, once he was home, he stopped to say hi to his parents and little sister, before heading off to the Grill to grab a bite to eat.

Katia Salvatore Aaron smiled as he saw the workers bring out the little blonde girl.

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Katia Salvatore Aaron nodded, placing his hands on the ground to steady himself as he looked at his adopted daughter. You'll have three siblings at our house, all of which were adopted just like you, so they know what you're going through, if you ever need to talk." Katia Salvatore Aaron nodded. Grace is at the house making sure your room is all set for you.

She was going to come, but thought it would overwhelm you, so she just sent me.

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He hadn't been planning on it, originally, but then his roommate had decided that he was going to go party at one of the bigger schools in the state, so David headed on home.

He didn't want to sit in his dorm room all weekend, and he had no desire to go out and party yet, either.

He was sure this was very jarring for her, and he couldn't blame her.

Things hadn't been easy with the other three kids either, but he was determined to help out as much as possible. "Hi Gwen, I'm Aaron." he said with a smile, hoping that he was coming across as friendly. My wife, Grace, and I are going to make this as easy as possible.

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