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So far, her matches have resulted in two marriages and dozens of couples steadily dating.

This is what makes her job rewarding, said Sitto."There are a lot of Chaldeans living in the Bloomfield-Birmingham area," she said, adding that the community is tight-knit, which makes the dating scene awkward at times. it just makes me very happy when (clients) get engaged and get married."Getting married is what 99 percent of her clients come to her for help with.

"I want to make sure people are who they say they are. I think they find security in coming to see me."Once that part's over, Sitto conducts her own compatibility study and makes two selections for the new client, based on her established clientele.

If both parties agree to meet, she arranges the date, gives the two clients the first name, age and educational background of the person they're meeting, and sets two rules."They have to stay for at least an hour, and they have to be kind."Almost all of the first dates she arranges are at local coffee shops.

And with Valentine's Day in the near future, some empty-nesters might be willing to entertain the idea.

Online dating hit the Internet roughly 10 years ago and came on strong.

Today, it's credited with pairing countless happy couples around the world.

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The next day, Sitto calls both clients to see what they think of the other.Then she snaps a photograph for her file."The most important thing is I'm meeting each person face-to-face.And if they don't have a license, I don't match them," she said.In 597 and 586 BC, under Nebuchadnezzar II,they conquered Judaea and captured Jerusalem.The Chaldean dynastycontinued until the Persian invasion of 539 BC. Answer2: From early times the Chaldeans were noted for theirknowledge of mathematics and astronomy.

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